First Security Group Testimonial:

First Security Group has chosen GWS Case management system for a number of reasons which include our recent entry into the “real” world of global debt collection and the similarity of systems that staff is used to already. The system does not require a person with a lot of experience running financial or more complicated and integrated collections software and is accessible anywhere. It is also flexible in how the data fields can be used so all types of cases from Fraud, retail to commercial can be entered and managed from the same interface. Even non collections related tasks can be managed and monitored from the system. Some of the key factors driving our decision are as follows:

1. Price! The actual cost of using the system is not prohibitive. 1 dollar per day per user is measurable against daily performance of staff and does not contribute much at all to the costs of ops and doing business. The total cost of implementation is negligible outside of training and getting users used to the system. When calculating the benefits and costs of other systems the range of options and prices were many and in some cases cost prohibitive for our current size. With a web based system there is no need to really consider the useful life of the technology and the potential for future capex requirements for upgrades or wider infrastructure when looking ahead.   

2. No need for costly infrastructure, permanent fixtures or integration. Since FSG is considering new facilities in the near future, there will be little or no loss in moving systems and infrastructure. Since it is web based there is also no need to disrupt communications when moving.

3. Management functions and reporting of performance and financial summaries are good.

4. CRM features make organizing sales and generating statistics easier.

5. Field personnel can access the system without having to use vpn or other communications methods. This is particularly important in the UAE as the costs for bandwidth are amongst the highest in the world.

6. No need to have special training or higher level IT support staff to maintain systems ensure continuity and reliable operations outside of the normal daily IT issues of running a standard office network LAN.

7. World wide access for those times we are on the road! Any hotspot will do!

8. Client viewing features have now proven that they could be a selling point for value added services or generating some small but all important additional revenue.


Kind regards,

Mr. Malcolm Mandeville

Division Manager 
Dubai World Trade Centre, Level 16
Dubai, U.A.E
Tel. : +971 4 33 22 555
Email : 



2. Harvest Credit Management Testimonial

Harvest Credit Management are suppliers of Receivables Management and Cash Collection Services to a wide range of industry sectors and credit professionals world-wide. We specialize in the collection of overdue accounts in Spain, with a major collection call center in the province of Valencia.

We have been utilizing the Case Management System for the management of debt collection cases in Spain. We have found it to be a comprehensive system that caters for all our collection needs. It is both user friendly and fully flexible giving our collection specialists the highest level of support in their day to day activities. The GCS web-based system allows us to fully utilize the collection system remotely and serves us well for our offsite collectors.

We are delighted with the system and the responsiveness of the system’s team to deal with any question or issues as they arise.

Kind regards.

Kevin Terrell FICM, MIoD

President & CEO

Harvest Credit Management

Tel: + 34 966 315 355


3. Harvest Tanzania Testimonial

Since my company became affiliated to GWS I have enjoyed immense benefits, including the application of IT. Since then I have been using the system to manage all my local cases. This has made my work easier and helps me to provide quality and satisfactory services to my clients. I am able to keep accurate track of each case as well as keep detailed step by step track .This enables me to easily generate any form of report my clients may desire as I am able to query the system for any form of info concerning any case.

I also did not have to install any complicated software’s to get going. All I have to do each time is to log on to the internet and I have access to my system. Their dedicated server also enables me to be assured of a reliable back up of all my cases all the time. Managing my local cases have never been this easier.

Warm Regards.

Joseph Mambia

Managing Director

Harvest Tanzania Ltd

P.O Box75856

Tel:+255 22 2124165

DSM Tanzania.